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I just returned to the office after my month abroad and am wading through an ocean of e-mail. I am responding to most urgent e-mail first, and then in the order received. You will hear from me by the middle of next week if not sooner as I am working daily, weekend excluded, until all mail is answered.

My PO Box supplier has closed their store. Therefore, do NOT send any postal mail to me at all as I am currently seeking a new address. Not to worry, I will have a new address soon.

New clients: I require a photo ID with every e-mail address used and copies of SS cards for all dependents claimed.

Prospective clients: First contact shall be by e-mail, not phone.

Adult Industry Friendly~Arts & Entertainment

Non-Adult Industry tax returns also prepared!

The Tax Domme is a tax preparer with a specialty in the Arts & Entertainment Industry as well as a former member and current advocate of the Adult Entertainment Industry.

I'm a preparer with whom you can feel comfortable, who will get you organized with your personal and, if applicable, your business tax situation. I will then teach you how to stay organized in a way that is simple and enjoyable.

My purpose is to keep you in compliance with the law, but to use the law to your advantage.

* * *Legal, Equal Opportunity Tax Preparation* * *

I only work within the realm of that which is legal. I have never and will never detract from this regardless of the circumstances. My services are intended to provide a safe and non-judgmental place where those in the Adult Industry are respected and treated like every other business person. So, it is a place to feel comfortable, but know that I prepare Adult Industry tax returns no differently than I prepare those for my vanilla clients.

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Year-round services provided. See Contact page for detailed information.

Off-season (Apr 16th-December):
Mon., Wed., Thurs. 10a-2p PST
Tues., Fri., Sat., Sun. CLOSED
Phone appointments: Wed. & Thur. 10a-4p PST

Phone: (clients only by appointment)
Fax: (clients only)
Mailing Address: (clients only)

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