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Fractional CFO services

THE \S/uperhero Accountant is a femdomme who realized she was polyandrous in 2016. In January 2020, she relocated to the West Coast and started to explore the BDSM scene there. THE \S/A met tons of people from all over the world. She met Dommes and other D/s individuals and was embraced with open arms. Although THE \S/A isn’t into S&M per se, once she realized how costly certain instruments were, she realized the business opportunity she had been exposed to.

In combination with her lifestyle femdomme endeavors, THE \S/A started exploring other aspects of herself- polymaths as well as accountants who encourage authenticity and engagement in the workplace. It was then, she decided she no longer wanted to hide who she was. She wanted to work with clients who would embrace her for her gleaming personality, as well as her kinks. It was then that the Kink-Aware business, THE \S/uperhero Accountant, was born.

THE \S/uperhero Accountant provides Fractional CFO services for kinky business owners (vanilla or kink businesses) of $1 million or more in revenue. We set up, review, and maintain your cash flow projections to enable you to meet your cash flow goals. To book a discovery session, go to:


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